Łukasz Sowa

Webiste: luksow.com
GitHub: github.com/luksow
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/luksow


Co–founder, managing partner @ Iterators2013–06–25 — present

As a managing partner at Iterators, I am responsible for many parts of the core business. My main responsibility is taking care of technical excellence of the company which includes running R&D, staff hiring & training, project management.
For more information about Iterators go to https://www.iteratorshq.com.

Independent consultant @ lukaszsowa.pl 2007–05–01 — 2013-06-25

During 6 years as an independent consultant I played a key role as a software engineer in numerous commercial projects:
  • Mass mailing — I developed a C# .NET WinForms application that sped up the process of sending mail packages.
  • Surface — I designed and developed a beautiful POS software that allowed to easily browse photos on a big touch–screen device (in the pre–iPhone era). Tech–stack was C# .NET with WPF.
  • ERP — I was hired to help design and develop web apps that consumed large chunks of data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV–based ERP; tech–stack was C# .NET ASP MVC, MS SQL Server.
  • Comm — I developed custom online communicator with strong encryption to ensure the highest level of security. Tech–stack was C# .NET WPF.
  • CLP & VRP — I was tech–lead and developer at team working on optimization environment for transportation, implementing CLP & VRP algorithms. Tech stack was C#.
  • MediaPoint — I was part of a team working on heavy–duty POS based on Android tablet. This project involved a lot of customizations and non–usual hacks to squeeze most out of Android. Tech stack was Python for backend and Android for POS frontend.
  • Conf — I designed & developed custom conference registration software that was intended to be reliable and super–easy to use for inexperienced users. Tech stack was Haskell with Happstack.
  • HFT — I created a complete high–frequency trading system — this means developing core tools for custom Linux distribution, IPC mechanisms, API implementations, low–level kernel & userspace optimizations and trading algorithms. Tech stack was mainly C, x86 assembly and Linux (user & kernel–space).

Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology 2012–02–20 — 2013–06–25

M.S., Computer Science
First–class degree, thesis distinction, scholarship

Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology 2008–10–01 — 2012–02–07

B.S., Computer Science
First–class degree, thesis distinction, scholarship


Programming languages & technologies

  • Scala — Cats, Akka, Play, Spray, Slick, SBT
  • C, C++, x86 assembly — UNIX, POSIX, boost, Qt
  • C# .NET — .NET 2.0 — 4.0, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC
  • Haskell — Yesod, Happstack
  • Java — Java SE 7 & 8, JVM tuning, Android
  • Ruby — Ruby on Rails
  • Python — Django
  • Go — Revel
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript — Vue.js

  • RDBMS — PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • NoSQL — MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Neo4j

  • Linux — user, kernel–space
  • Android — user, kernel–space

Areas of interest

distributed systems, concurrency, functional programming, HPC, artificial intelligence & machine learning, algorithms, operating systems and kernel programming, security, agile project management

Foreign languages

  • Polish — native
  • English — fluent
  • German — basic


Conference talks & workshops

Open source


  • Computer science
  • Security
  • Football
  • Microbrewing
  • Movies
  • Skateboarding
  • Rock & metal music