My projects

I started programming when I was 10. Since then, I've managed to create some things.


I love helping people through custom software. I've been working as an independent contractor since the very beginning of my professional career in 2007. In 2013 I set up my very own software consulting company — Iterators. At Iterators, besides fulfilling day–to–day business tasks, I continue my passion — programming. If you need a reliable business partner to help you with your product, you should contact me.

Conference talks & workshops

Sharing knowledge and having heated discussions about tech is my second favorite thing after programming. That's why I enjoy speaking at conferences and running workshops.

Besides that, I ran many internal workshops and talks. Interested in hearing about Scala, modern software architectures, project management or programming in general? Contact me!

Open source

I do fully support a famous quote by Linus Torvalds 'Talk is cheap. Show me the code'. Since the early days of my career as a programmer, I've been a big fan of an open source movement and hardcore Linux user. That's why I want to keep as much of my work as possible available to everyone. I store all of my open source contributions on my private GitHub account and on Iterators' GitHub account. Some notable projects you might want to see are:

Check them out and let me know what do you think!


Even though I didn't enjoy my time at Warsaw University of Technology that much, I managed to produce some whitepapers:


Did I mention I like programming? I try to actively participate in every coding challenge that's nearby, especially in hackathons. Some fun projects I completed during my hack career:

I used to do algorithms — a lot. I've reached the semi–finals of XIV Polish Olympics in Informatics and took part in many TopCoder competitions, winning something here and there — check out my dusty TopCoder profile.


I've started my first tech blog in Polish just after high school in 2008. Despite my irregularities in writing it was quite popular and even won one blog award — 'Daj się poznać'. Recently I've discovered that I'd like to reach a broader (English–speaking) audience. That's why I write stories on Iterators blog!


I was co–organizer and an early member of Haskell User Group Warsaw, also a maintainer. Unfortunately, Haskell spirit was not strong enough here in Warsaw and group died a natural death. Nowadays I'm co–organizer of ScalaWAW — a Scala–centric community with fun coding events. You should definitely attend one of our meetups!

Want more?

Check out my resume!